The Way to the Island of Tinos

The boats heading for Tinos, depart mainly from Rafina and  Piraeus, the two main ports of Athens. You can reach Rafina’s port using a local bus or a taxi, Piraeus is also accessible by metro.
Departs begin from 7.30 am. The high-speed boats take about 2 hours from Rafina, ferry boats is about 4 hours. Travelling from the port of Piraeus to Tinos takes a bit more time and usually costs more. The advantage of Piraeus is that the port is near to the metro station.

In Tinos our bus connect’s the port with our hotel. The distance from Tinos Beach Hotel to Tinos main town is about 3, 5 km.
In Tinos someone can visit and enjoy true hospitality walking around villages. White little villages are scattered all around the island, some with a history dating centuries ago.

Local people divide Tinos in 3 areas . The middle area which ends in the beautiful beach of Kalloni , the outer area which ends up in Panormos,and the area which oversees Mikonos (the east part) highlighted by the Two Villages. Exploring the three areas of Tinos is certain to be a memorable and pleasant experience filled with diverse sights and locales.

How to reach the island of Tinos and Tinos Beach Hotel

1) You will fly to the international airport of Athens, then you will take a boat from the port of Rafina or from Piraeus port. There are many daily departures. The crossing will take between 2-4hours depending on the type of boat used

2) It is possible to fly directly to Mykonos international airport and then catch a boat for Tinos which will take about 15 to 45 min according to the boat.