Places worth visiting in Tinos island, Cyclades, Greece

The Island of Tinos

Tinos is the only island in the Cyclades where one can visit and be warmly welcomed by locals living in village-settlements with age long traditions.

The inhabitants of the island divide the island into three sections, the inner part which ends in the stunning beach of Kalloni, the outer part which ends at Panormos and the part of the island facing Mykonos. It is possible to explore the island in one day. We propose the following routes , with the certainty of a unique experience.

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Inner Parts


1st route

Tripotamos & Sperados to wander through the Venetian built alleys.
Ktikavos, on the beach of the beach of Kionia , try its taverns with their traditional appetizers ,especially the frutalia dish.
Kampos with the chuch of Saint Kathrine , built in honor of Katherine of Russia (1770)
Tarampavos ,visit the hill dotted with traditional pigeon farms.
Smarvakito , we suggest to go for coffee at the plaza with the natural spring water fountain.

2nd route

Triantaros , the village which blends the traditional and modern with the a unique vista over the turquoise Aegean waters.
The Two Villages , wander under  its old arches and enjoy coffee at its plaza.
Arnados, built upon the Kechrovouni

Upper parts

The nunnery The lady of the Angels (Kechrovouni)
Tzavos, Kexros and Mesi , small and adorable little villages
Potamia , built on the lagoons facing Mykonos.
Mirsini , spread around Tsiknias, the mountain of Aiolos.
Falatados , for food, nightly entertainment and artistic pursuits at the house of exhibitions.

Kato Meri

Xinara , with the elegant mayoral residence of the mayor of Exomvourgo and the episcopacy of the Roman Catholic church.
Loutra where the revered school of the Ursulines resided, now remodeled as the school of the municipality of Exomvourgo and a space which hosts the summer festival of the municipality.
Komi , Kalloni and Kato Klisma are built on the only campagna of Tinos, this area is filled with lush greenert and traditional agricultural activity, additionally you can go for a swim at the famous Kolimbithra beach close by.
Skalavos the behind the hillside of the Exomvourgo rock.
Perastra, the small village which traverses the river.
Volax , barren and filled with a unique rocky landscape , do not leave the village without one of their traditional hand made thatch baskets.

Outer Parts

travel towards the north and meet the beautiful villages of the outer parts of Tinos

Kardiani , a lush green village which whatches over the Aegean sea
Isternia, stroll downards through the whitewashed alleys towards Ormo, the villages small port for a swim and to taste unique and original recipes.
Plateia , where time has stopped flowing
Pirgos, birthplace of Giannoulis Xalepas and other famous greek artists. This village has a strong traditional in sculpting , we strongly recomend you visit their museum of Marble and sit for a coffee in the village’s plaza under their everlasting plane tree.
Panormos, the sea port of Pirgos , ideal for a swim and lunch at a local taverna , we suggest you order fish.
Marlas & Mamados the northermost villages of the island , they retain their virgin beauty and Cycladic tranquility . If you have a Jeep move downhill to the beaches of Maliou and Goumela , you will also pass through the new and old quarries of marble.

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The Way to the Island of Tinos