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Tinos Beach Hotel

The rooms of the central building are categorized as Aegean, Superior and Classic. The Aegean rooms represent our newest rooms , all with direct sea views and an aesthetic inspired from the Aegean colors and minimalism. The Superior rooms also enjoy direct sea view with upgraded furniture compared to the Classic rooms. The Classic rooms represent our standard rooms , with a view of the sea accessible from the balcony. Our 9 single rooms have a view of the mountains and hills of Tinos. From our range of Suites , 2 of them have 2 bedrooms whilst the other 3 can accommodate an extra bed on the living room.

All of the rooms of our 3 neighboring buildings enjoy direct sea view and each balcony is protected with a pergola. The room divisions offered are Classic and Aegean. All of our family orientated rooms are situated in this section of our hotel. Family rooms consist of the accomodations with two bedrooms with a separating door or an internal corridor and one or two bathrooms respectively. These buildings are based on traditional tinian architecture with open pathways and without elevators.

We offer  Honeymoon Suites in Cycladic wing of the complex. These rooms are distinguished by modern Cycladic tones, built furniture and minimalistic elements. The Honeymoon Suites are ideal for the visitor looking for an authentic Cycladic experience and the couple  seeking an idyllic space.

(96) View of The Pool
Pool - 08
rsz_2102 Staircase
(84) Living Room and Staircase
(100) Sunset over the Pool
rsz_91 Tinos Beach Pool
day beds by the pool
day beds
inside restaurant
Lobby - 1
afternoon pool
Tinos Beach Hotel
Tinos Beach Hotel
View of the Pool
Tinos Beach Lobby
Tinos Beach Hotel
Kionia Beach
Tinos Beach Hotel
Beach Bar
Tinos Beach Hotel
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